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Breeding Females For Sale

Package Deal

Choose any 3 females (bred or open and 1 breed back)

and a junior herdsire for $4500

Log Cabin's Sadie


& 1 breeding

DOB: 6/17/2008

ARI#: 31380539

Sadie is a beautiful true black girl who was as black as coal the day she was born and is still coal black. She has amazing soft fiber and excellent conformation, and of course that Zephyson head. 

Sadie's first cria was a beautiful little boy that is a clone of his sire, Ausable Valley's Freestyle. Sadie's second cria, an amazing true blck girl, Mazie placed first at the 2013 North American Alpaca Show. Sadie is open at this time, trying to maintain herd control. We only bred a few alpacas. Sadie's sale includes being bred, our recommandation is Freestyle, and an additional breeding to one of Log Cabin's herdsires.

Sadie's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Shelby


includes 1 breeding

DOB: 8/18/2010


Shelby, is the daughter of TCB Suzanna and TCB Zeke. his cross produced a beautiful dense, crimpy, light fawn girl. Shelby is a gorgeous girl with great conformation and fiber. She has phenomenal lineage including Victor's Vaccoyo, Peruvian Hemingway, and Peruvian Snowmass to name a few. Shelby's bright crimpy fiber has great staple length. Her fiber after shearing is just simply beautiful. It is bright, crimpy, and feathery soft.

Shelby place 5th of a flight of 15 at the 2011 Empire Extravaganza and place first at the 2011 Hummdinger Show. Shelby is very affection and friendly, always looking for attention.

We have decided to hold Shelby out from breeding until next year, due to her late August birthday.

Shelby's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Zyanna


1 breeding

DOB: 7/11/2011

ARI# 32223149

Zyanna's dam has done it again. The cross between our beautiful Zanella and full Accoyo "PHA Accoyo Zagot", of Gentle Breeze Alpacas, gave us just a stunning alpaca. She has dense, crimpy, soft fleece which just simply glistens. As you can see her conformation is spot on. She is not only beautiful to look at, but she has a mild manner and very easy to handle.

Zyanna has attended two shows, North East Expo (placing 4th out 13) and Empire Trifecta (placing 5th out of 15).

Zyanna's micro count is 20.8, with coefficient of variation 19.8% and fibers greater than 30 microns is 1.7%. Her spin fineness is 20.1 microns with an amazing 98.3% comfort factor.

This young lady will be ready to breed this summer. Zyanna's sale includes being bred and 1 additional breeding.

Zyanna's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Sophie


includes 1 breeding

DOB: 6/11/2010

ARI#: 3214416 

Sophia stands tall and proud, she has great conformation and stature. Sophie has grown into a eye appealing young lady. She has a beautiful rich medium brown color, with black markings on her legs and face. Sophie's fiber is buttery soft and has beautiful crimp which extends well into her tail and neck. She is the daughter of TCB Zeke, a Full Peruvian light Fawn.

Sophie is bred to bred to Gentle Breeze's Butterrum for a 2013 summer cria.

Sophie's sale will come with a free breeding to any of Log Cabin Alpacas herdsires.   

Picture of Sophie shorn, shows her grey neck and dark markings     

Sophie's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Skye


& 1 breeding

DOB: 6/4/2009

ARI#: 31967686

Unlike typical alpacas Skye is quite affectionate and follows us around the barn demanding our attention. Skye is quite a character, she steals things and walks away with them, like she is hiding them from us. 

She is the daughter of Thunder Bolt a Full Peruvian 1/2 Accoyo true black.

Skye first cria was from Awesome Double R Alpacas, Bullseye from New Hampshire. Skye gave us a beautiful medium fawn girl. Skye's sale will include two breedings to Log Cabin's herdsires.

Sky was an excellent first time mom, her cria was the first born and Skye did an amazing job of caring for her cria.

Skye's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Isabella


includes 1 breeding

DOB: 4/22/2009

ARI#: 31714617

Bella has good strong lineage, The Reverend Mr. Black and TCB Zephyrson. She a beautiful True Black girl with nice conformation, and soft shiny fiber. She placed 4th at the 2010 Empire Extravaganza and placed 2nd at 2011 New Jersey Show. Bella has a great disposition and is smaller in stature, which makes her easy to handle. Bella was the farm greeter, before babies, allowing anyone to come up and hug her. She would lay down next to you in the pasture and put her head in your lap to petted like a dog. Bella has one cria on the ground, Tribute, that placed 5th at the 2013 North American Alpaca Show. She passed on her wonderful fiber traits to her cria too. She is bred back to our Champion herdsire Ausable Valley's Freestyle for a 2013 summr cria. If black is what you are looking for Bella is your girl.

Bella's sale price will include 1 

breeding to one of Log Cabin's 


Log Cabin's Gabriella


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