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Do you have cold weather

crias on the ground?

Protect your precious babies with a handmade cria coat or blanket.

New and improved - now all cria coats are made with not one but two layers of insul-bright fabric (insulation fabric).

Cria coats are still stuffed with fiber and lined with polar fleece.

Cria Coats

A warm polar fleece lining hugs your baby alpacas or llamas. The insul-brite lining helps to hold in warmth produced by the alpaca fiber stuffed between the layers. The outside is a wind and water resistant sport nylon. 

These light weight extremely warm coats are easy to put on and remove with heavy duty Velcro on the neck and belly straps. Think of it as a "down" jacket for your crias. 

All seams are doubled stitched for strength and durability. The coats are machine washable on gentle, but should be air dried only.

Cria Blankets

With cold damp days and frigid nights your newborns have trouble maintaining their temperature, even in the barn.

So why not surround your cria in warmth. These handmade cria blankets are sewn from 2 layers of soft Artic fleece surrounding a insul-brite thermal lining. The blankets are cut to fit your newborn and small crias and keep them snugly warm. The blankets are not only warm but light weight. The extra long velcro straps keep the blanket snug and in place around your crias neck and belly.

Brandy is sporting a cozy warm pink cria coat


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Cria Coat Prices

                                                            Newborn                   $32.00

                                                            Small                         $36.00

                                                            Medium                     $40.00

                                                            Large                         $45.00

Cria Blanket Prices

                                                            Newborn                   $25.00

                                                            Small                         $27.00

                                                            Medium                     $31.00

                                                            Large                         $35.00

Shipping will be added to final total

All coats are made to order in a variety of colors

Call or e-mail for specific colors

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